Songwriters Circle

I’m truly looking forward to this. I’ve never been on stage with Kim and the other two gentlemen, I always enjoy their company and their talents. Hope to see you there.

Hall of Fame Event

Bruce Guthro’s Song Writers Circle

I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with these wonderfully talented people, this weekend. I hope to see you there. 🙂

September 27th, 2022


I’m very happy that my 2nd solo recording ever, is now available on all platforms.

Apple Music


September 20, 2022



Morris Guitar Winner

Steve, in New Brunswick, sent me a picture of him holding the Morris guitar that he won in my guitar contest.

I’m happy to say that he loves the guitar. Again Steve,

congratulations and thanks for buying my Long Pants cd.

September 8th 2022

8K at the April Wine show in Dartmouth, N.S tonight. What a fine night it was.

Alderney Landing, Dartmouth, Aug. 27th 2022

I love my TelePaul and it was a thrill to use it last night in Dartmouth.. I haven’t used that guitar on stage for years because I don’t want it lost or damaged in travel. Great capture Bruce Nelson.
April Wine’s rhythm section, Roy “Nip” Nichol on drums and Richard Lanthier on bass, performing in Dartmouth.


We have a winner of my vintage Morris acoustic guitar! Stephen lives in the province of New Brunswick.


Morris Acoustic Guitar

A Review for CASHBOX CANADA by Don Graham

“A true artist must create. It’s not just a desire it’s a must. It’s their oxygen, their life blood, it’s their raison d’être. Canadian icon Myles Goodwyn has written enough hits and memorable songs in his career to be able to sit back and look at his body of work and take a well- deserved rest. He’s written enough songs to make him Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame worthy and it’s surprising that he hasn’t been recognized by the Hall as of yet.

But Goodwyn continues to write, record and tour with his band, April Wine, his blues group and his acoustic trio show, Just Between You and Me, and now a brand new solo album, ‘Long Pants’, has just dropped, no pun intended, and it’s a gem. It’s a little different from what you’ve heard before from Goodwyn, a side of him that will appeal to his current fans and garner this legendary icon a whole new audience.

The opening track and lead single “Right Myself” (co-written with Lennie Gallant) is a breezy ocean kind of song that’s percussive, melodic, hopeful and radio friendly. This track just makes you smile and want hear what’s next. The next track “You’re In My Thoughts, You’re In My Heart”, features a big acoustic sound and the trademark Myles Goodwyn vocals delivering a message of hope to people separated by the restrictions of the last couple of years.

“Forever Amber” is beautiful ode to Myles’ daughter, written on the day she was born while “Talk To Me ” was written for his son and features some signature Goodwyn guitar licks and encouraging lyrics.

Myles Goodwyn”Over The Moon” written for his youngest son to help him to deal with his Type 1 juvenile diabetes, “Carry on my son and realize you’ve done nothing wrong. It’ll be better soon, and you’ll be over the moon.”

This is followed by “Kittens”, a fun and silly song written for his kids when they were little – a grin inducing little tune. “Princess Rain” is a beautiful testament to Myles’ life partner, Kim. Inspired and inspiring.

“Darling Where You? ( And A Blue Wind Sighs )” is for the missing and murdered Indigenous women and children in North America, with spoken words by another Canadian icon and supporter of Indigenous rights, Tom Jackson, who also is the spoken verse on the track.

That moving track is followed up by “Some Of These Children (They Never Grew Up)” is for the unmarked graves of the Indigenous children in the Catholic Residential School system, stain it left on our souls, a very moving tribute.

“Will The Last Voice I Hear Be An Angel” is a deeply spiritual song, contemplating our own mortality ‘will the last voice i hear be an angel? Will I leave this world peacefully? Will the last voice I hear be an angel?, saying take my hand and walk with me’ while “I Leave Today” deals with the sensitive subject of assisted suicide.

The album closes with bonus track “For Ukraine” a song of solidarity with the people of Ukraine dealing with the Russian invasion.

‘Long Pants’ is the perfect title for this collection as this Myles Goodwyn as an adult, mature, sensitive and in touch with his soul but showing he still has the heart of rock ‘n’ roll beating in his chest.”

Friday July 15th 2022