Guitar Collection

I have been a guitar collector for many years. My first guitar was a Norma, a Japanese copy of a Gibson Hummingbird. I still have the guitar almost 60 years later. It disappeared from my life for decades and miraculously, I got it back a few years ago…the whole story is in my memoir, Just Between You and Me.

My old Gibson Southern Jumbo is the guitar I wrote most of my guitar songs on over the years. From Tonight’s A Wonderful Night to Say Hello to Roller, this guitar was my go-to instrument for decades. The red sparkle Swedish made Goya, featured on the April Wine cover of Electric Jewels is still in my collection as well.

At one time I had about 100 guitars and today there are about 50 left in my private collection. Here are a few of them – I will post more from time to time.

Guitar Gallery