Car Collection

I have loved cars for as long as I can remember and I’ve owned some beauties over the years.

In my younger years though, I had some real pissers including a 1963 Monza Spider a car that was dangerous because the car had a reputation of the wheels collapsing inward, and that just for starters – it was pushed more than driven. I bought a mid 60’s Mercedes Mark 4 complete with leather straps hold the hood down. I found after I bought the damn thing that it was full of plastic body work, I purchased another old Mercedes in the Bahamas where I lived which was totally unreliable, it was sold and replaced with a modern Honda!

I also owned a Jeep Wahoo that when I left the Bahamas, I parked it, took the keys into the terminal and tossed them in the garbage and keep going all the way to Canada and never looked back! here are the cars I have today and I drive them all. Varrooom!

Car Gallery