An interview with Myles Goodwyn for the fledgling “Backstage Stories: Crew Are People Too”

Truck ‘N Roll sales manager Steve Traynor sat in on this week’s episode with iconic Canadian rock artist Myles Goodwyn, and reminisced about mutual backstage acquaintances, including a sound man who was notorious for being TOO loud sometimes. It’s been 50-plus years since his first girlfriend Bertha lugged his equipment (“She could carry a Marshall under one arm”), and in the intervening decades, Myles has witnessed and experienced the evolution of backstage life, from the heyday of April Wine in the 1970s and 80s to his current trio playing gigs around the Maritimes, where Myles was born and has chosen to call home once again. A talented singer/songwriter, a great storyteller and a funny man who might have made up the story about Bertha.