Myles Goodwyn Band

“I started the Myles Goodwyn Band in order to interpret some of the material that I wrote for April Wine over the years. Most of this material hasn’t been played live because the songs could not be played properly in a four or five man guitar band.”

In the studio AW was able to use multi tracking and have guest musicians join us and the results were great on record but those results were not always doable in a live situation. With the MGB we are able to do these songs live, and do them justice. I also wanted a band to collaborate on new music and this band gives me the opportunity to do this as well.” Myles Goodwyn

The Myles Goodwyn Band is a six piece band from the east coast of Canada. Based out of Nova Scotia, the band consists, along with Myles, Dave Champagne, Warren Robert, Mike Carrol, Chris Mitchell and Brad Reid. Dave plays keyboards and sings background vocals. The keyboards allow all kinds of “colours” and sound textures that were used in the studio during the recording of the original songs written by Myles for April Wine.  Dave`s excellent improvisation skills add excitement and expression to the free-style live arrangements of the band.

Warren Robert and Myles handle the guitar duties, electric and acoustic. The result of their work together is inspirational and it rocks out and and then some. Warren and Myles have known each other a long time and for them to finally share the stage together is awesome.

Another long time friend of Myles` is Chris Mitchell who handles the bass chores while fellow Halifax native Mike Carrol, handles drums and percussion.

Multi instrumentalist, Brad Reid adds the sounds of sax(s), violin, flute, percussion and background vocals.

This year, 2017, the guys will be recording together and the chance to create new music is going to be a thrilling experience for the group and and the results are anxiously anticipated by the fans of Myles and his music and now his new cutting edge band, the MYLES GOODWYN BAND. Stay tuned!